Join Shore to summit

Why Shore to Summit?

Because we're committed to helping you curate a life with a fulfilling career.

Shore to Summit welcomes individual financial advisors and advisory teams who are seeking an independent approach to their practice. For those who join our team, you're not treated as a cog in a wheel you are valued as an integral member of a team that's growing and evolving.

At a Glance:

  • Multiple locations across the U.S.

  • Over a decade of virtual multi-site office management and support

  • Three successful mergers in 24 months

  • One successful acquisition in 2022

  • Franchising and management opportunities

Value for Your Clients

Freedom and Control

  • You decide how you serve your clients
  • Shore to Summit is a boutique wealth management practice with a wealth of knowledge/experience
  • You put clients' interests first while retaining the capabilities of an industry-leading wealth management firm
  • Competitive client fees

Forward-Looking and Flexible

  • Staff is salaried, not hourly, meaning better work/life balance for all
  • Ability to act quickly on client requests without bureaucratic constraints
  • Expanding footprint and resources
  • You gain access to all resources you need to support clients (i.e., home office, other branches, other core competencies)

Open Architecture Platform

  • No conflicts of interest
  • Wide array of products for investing and beyond
  • The only brokerage platform that allows advisors to be an independent business owner while still have access to an industry-leading wirehouse

Client-First, Always

  • Always committed to helping our clients succeed
  • Completed three successful mergers in 24 months with a high level of client satisfaction and retention

curate a life   at Shore to Summit

Before you're a financial professional, you're a parent, sibling, friend, caretaker, or child. We don't believe that work should define your life, and our goal at Shore to Summit is to create a balanced, harmonious community so that on your career journey you're free to enjoy the ride.

To learn more about how to curate your life as a team member at Shore to Summit, contact [email protected].