Specialized Resources for High-Net-Worth Clients 

Complex wealth management challenges require elevated services and capabilities

We work with sophisticated clients with highly complex and demanding wealth management needs. To adequately address the full spectrum of challenges faced by those with significant wealth, we coordinate with a team of specialized professionals and leverage the vast resources of Wells Fargo & Company.

Considerations for Your Holistic Plan

Estate planning strategies

The importance of aligning your estate plan with the goals for your wealth can't be overstated. We work with you to review your wills and trusts, establish beneficiary designations, and coordinate with tax and legal advisors to ensure your plan is up to date.

Wealth protection

Your financial future depends on several uncontrollable circumstances. Although you can't avoid all risks in life, insurance can play a key role in helping preserve your assets, achieve your financial goals, and protect against life-changing events.

Business solutions

We provide corporate executives and business owners with recommended wealth management solutions, including guidance for managing concentrated positions, employee stock option exercise and sale, business succession planning, and business transition strategies.

Multigenerational planning

Comprehensive financial management doesn't stop with a review of your lifetime it looks at future generations and what sort of legacy you want to leave for them. We invite your family to the conversation to discuss what responsible stewardship of family wealth looks like to you.