Philosophy and Approach

Designed to match your life

We use a comprehensive approach to help you define and prioritize your objectives, then work with you to develop your wealth and investing strategies. This approach is about optimizing the value of the resources you have; it's not about reaching for unsustainable returns or "beating" a market index. Our central task, on your behalf, is to look for and provide advice and guidance for appropriate investment opportunities, while explaining the potential risks to you.

We can help you set and reset expectations realistically. As you move forward, we can debate courses of action with you and talk you through trade-offs. In doing so, we will be candid, while helping you focus on the crucial, even difficult, decisions.

Over time, our process integrates course corrections and rebalancing as needed. Your strategy and investment portfolio can evolve as you navigate the inevitable twists and turns of your life and changes in the marketplace.

Said by Benjamin D. Spiker

Your wealth management strategy and the portfolio of investments behind it should be based on your life priorities. We take time to understand your balance sheet, cash flow statement, overall financial goals and your concerns.

Our services

For more than two decades, we have helped clients simplify their financial lives through:

Chart of our Investment Services: Investment Management & Guidance, Comprehensive Investment Planning, Administrative Services, Tax & Estate Strategies

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